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I was speaking at a business event recently and I asked the group this simple question:

Do you know when your State Pension age is?

The response was fairly typical, in that some people had an idea of roughly when this would be but wouldn’t be confident on defining the actual date. The vast majority hadn’t yet checked the website to find out and were clearly putting this off to a rainy day in the future.

I then asked a follow up question, which prompted a subtle shift in the minds of the group:

Do you know when your Retirement age is?

Again, there was a mixed response however most appreciated they would ideally like to retire whilst they were still active enough to enjoy retirement. In many cases, a gradual winding down from their working life was seen as the preferable option for them, as opposed to a definitive date at which they stopped work altogether.


For a long time the State Pension age was age 65 for men and age 60 for women. By November 2018 both men and women will have a State Pension age of 65, increasing to 66 by 2020 and continuing to rise thereafter in line with life expectancy.

The Government also plan to raise the minimum age at which an individual can take their private pension savings from 55 to 57 in 2028, at the point that the State Pension age increases to 67.

There are no rules governing the age at which somebody decides to retire, but funding your retirement would usually be through the provision of pensions and/or savings. The key question therefore, is when are you likely to want to start ‘retiring’ and how are you planning to fund your lifestyle?

How are you planning to meet the gap in your income between retiring and receiving your State Pension?

And finally…

It’s worth considering that around one in eight (12%) men and women are forced to stop working before State Pension age due to ill-health or disability (TUC research – Sept-16). The gap could be wider than you had planned for.

Take a moment to find out your own State Pension age, visit the website and find out in less than a minute –

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