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So, the moment has finally come, you have worked all of your life and now it is time for you to finally retire. The question is – are you ready?

Being ready for retirement is not something we tend to really think about during our working life, as we get older its only natural that we start to look forward to retirement. Retirement is a dream we each individually build up in our heads during our working life. The dream where we will one day be free. Whether it’s free from never having to wake up early to get to work, or finally being free to travel or enjoy hobbies that we never had the time for because work took up so much of our time.

Everyone talks about being financially ready for retirement, we want to make sure people ask; do you know when you will receive your State Pension? Have you saved enough to provide you with an income in retirement that enables you to live comfortably?

But is financially being ready the only thing we need to consider for retirement? When we talk about planning for retirement, you tend to plan financially, you plan where you’re going to live, whether you want to upsize, downsize, move to a different country, move to the sea. But the one thing you don’t tend to plan for is – what you’re going to do with all the free time you’ll have on your hands.

When we are so busy financially planning to make sure we have enough money to survive retirement do we ever think that we also need to be emotionally ready for retirement?

Now we have asked the question, what can we do to help us be emotionally ready?

  • Make a plan – ask yourself what are you going to do with your time? When you’ve been working very hard and you’ve been working long hours, you tend not to have had any time for hobbies.
  • Start thinking about a hobby or interest that you would like to pursue.
  • Find friends, because your social circle tends to get smaller when you leave work. You can join a club, do an evening class, or simply invite a neighbour in for coffee.
  • Be positive and go out and do things. There are so many things you can do. You don’t need to feel like have lost your identity you still have lots to offer, that doesn’t change because you retire.
  • Don’t be negative, look for the positive things in life. Perhaps try something new and try to reflect on the good things that have happened.
  • Try to grasp technology, it’s not the easiest of things but technology can really allow you to do a lot of things – it allows you to keep in touch with family all over the world and learn so many different things.

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